Wow, IE Sucks

This web browser is so bad, if it weren't for Microsoft's forcing it on the majority of people as the default, no one would use it. If I'm going to be stuck using Windoze, I should definitely switch to Firefox, available from

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Loan a shield, get it in the papers

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Long (Island) Weekend

All safe home after a fun but exhausting weekend trip to Evja's wedding. Here's a fun fact for tourists: a trip for two from Long Island into Manhattan to visit the Metropolitan Museum, get lunch and return home runs about $100. I can't decide whether I prefer the fact that you can always get unsweetened tea up north, or the certainty of free refills in the south. My normal summer tea drinking rate would leave me $25 poorer if I indulged in it at the café in the Met.

Long Island weddings are amazing. The post-ceremony "cocktail hour" was more lavish than most buffets I be been too, at a wedding or a restaurant for that matter. And then there was the sit-down dinner!

I took lots of pictures, including some hopefully interesting ones of medieval leatherwork at the Met. But I was too sleepy this morning to remember my camera, so no uploads until tomorrow. I have documentation for ugly, poorly made helmets now!

The pups survived without excessive trauma. According to the house sitter, they spent most of the weekend "staring at the driveway, waiting for you to come home."

The 4.5 hour trip from Maryland to Long Island turned into a 7 hour trip from Long Island to Maryland.

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Long Island Wedding

We're off to NY this afternoon for Evja's wedding. Tomorrow we'll check out the Met and some other attractions before the rehearsal dinner. Watch this space for wedding and trip pictures, and have fun at Last Chance.

And Happy Birthday on Sunday to Clare, our favorite book girl!

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Winner of the "Surprised by His Search Results" Prize

In looking over my web stats for just now, it was very interesting to see what sort of Google (or other search engine) entry brought up this site as a result. Many were understandable:

laurel atlantia

vair and ermine sca

de la flamme sca thjora

amazing sca battles

sir corby atlantia email

pennsic blog

but check out the terms used by the last two searchers who ended up here!

kiera knightly

kiera king arthur sex scene knightly

I'll bet that was one confused horny teenager.

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I Wish this Site had an Article on...

Susanna's Perspective on 10 years of being a female fighter in Atlantia
Colin's instructions on being everyone's friend
Evja's professional opinion on the SCA's love of waivers, and litigiousness and the SCA in general.
Philip's guide to recovery from an injury
Edwin on period sword and buckler research and his experience.
A retelling of anyone's favorite SCA moment.
Anyone's story about their first fight practice or first exposure to the SCA.

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One step back (into the pond)

It rained so hard at home yesterday afternoon that water ran under the pond liner and floated it to the top of the pond. Translation: about 15 hours of work shot. I have to completely drain the pond, re-inspect for rocks under the liner, probably dig out sediment that has been washed to the bottom of the hole, relay sand and underlayment, relay the liner, reseat the skimmer, clean the liner, refill the liner, replace all the plants and most of the edging rocks and do all this while the liner is more or less in my way. That's because the liner is attached to the waterfall run and to the skimmer, and there's essentially no hope of getting it all back in place correctly if I detach it from any of those things.


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Stiff and sore

With 86 fighters, as many as 5 lists running at once, 95% humidity and only about 10 fighting knights, Tournament of Chivalry was very tiring. But a great deal of fun. Thankfully William Thomas drove, and we had excellent hospitality from TRMs Friday night.

Notable fights with Raven-Baodiun's Squire with greatswords, Matthew from Calontir also with greatswords, and Sinclair sword and shield. Good fights with Justice too, whose wacky weapons I'm thankfully starting to understand.

Best of all, my left elbow doesn't hurt and actually seems to be better after the work out it got. Hooray.

I was surprised at how much work I got done Sunday. I expected to be exhausted after all the fighting, but managed to get quite a bit of work done around the pond. Instead, I'm whupped today, ready to take a nap at my desk.

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Ex Veritas Libur

Here's the new King Arthur trailer
Kiera Knightly
Clive Owen
apparently good cgi
It'll be good for recruiting

wacky mishmash of periods, styles, etc.
Lancelot is pretty
Lancelot uses two swords, slung over his back
modernized sense of truth justice and the american way shoved back 1200 years.
all those new recruits will want to paint themselves blue and have arthurian names.
And even though he's younger than me, a sex scene between Clive Owen and Kiera Knightly kind of creeps me out.

What does "Ex Veritas Libur" mean? It's a rip off if "ex calci libur"--Freed from the stone. Ex Veritas Libur: Freed from the truth.

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Post Marinus

NOt a bad little event, but Marinus Baronial Birthday took its time getting started. Luckily, I was able to find a quiet classroom in the extraordinarily scary Stonebridge School for Future Republican Zealots where I could take an undisturbed nap. Getting there at 8 AM with Evja meant several hours of waiting around for other things to start.
Once people began to look like they might fight, I did some marshalling and instructing of marshal, then at last, at the height of the day on the longest day of the year, fighting started.
Several folks who would otherwise have been in the tourney had already used themselves up in the Baronial Champs tourney, so the bearpit field was only about 10 people. I won the day, especially after it got too hot for any but the heat tolerant to come out for the second portion of the fighting. I happily gave away the shield blank to a very enthusiastic Molly, after Evja introduced me to her and her gigantic husband Ranulf.
Sunday I found a place at the beach that sells water plants. That helped with a problem that I have getting to a garden center in C'ville. Then off to my sister's for a mexican brunch and several hours of upgrading and tuning up nephew Alex's iMac.

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