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Bacon Wars

I risked the weather, and ended up having a great time at the event. Philip was kind enough to drive, and we had no trouble at all getting to the site, deep in the Chesapeake Bay hinterlands, reminiscent of the old South. In fact we were pretty early. It's probably a sign of how taken with the day that I was, that I didn't find any time to pull out my camera and take any pictures.

Was great to see people (though I'm a little surprised at how low the attendance was) and fighting was pretty good. I didn't experience any problems anyway, but Philip, Chris and I focused on guarding a flank, so never really interacted with the cart itself. Care Mear pretty handily defeated Tir Y don in the majority of the melees, securing their victory for the day.
After that Came the Cross and Lily tournament, and I'm happily surprised to reveal that fighting through a pretty interesting field, I ended up finishing second overall for the day. Definitely my best fight for the day was a tough one versus his Majesty, which I managed to win, surprising even myself.
My newly re-gloved gauntlets barely require any adjustment, all my weapons held up, I didn't forget anything, so all in all local the day I win.
But damn, I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

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Defining "Middle Aged"


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I need to get my ass to the gym

A recent analysis published in Deutsches Ärzteblatt International of more than 900,000 athletes (ranging in age from 20 to 79) showed that no significant age-related decline in performance appeared before the age of 55. And revealingly, even beyond that age the decline was surprisingly slow; in the 65 to 69 group, a quarter of the athletes performed above average among the 20 to 54 year-old group.

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Wild Raven Seeks Help

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Caer Mear Practice

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Get Vintage!


I'm up for the sword fights anyway.

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Caer Mear Practice Tomorrow!

Duke Stephen of Bellatrix will be at Caer Mear practice tomorrow. I'm going too! It's always great to see old friends and hit them with sticks.

I'll be staying over in Richmond, so I can't offer a ride. But if you need one, maybe I can find one for you.

I hope Aradd makes it up too, and remembers to bring my Keene sandals, which the two of us have been forgetting about for over a year now.

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2012 Hastilude at the Hollow

Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 072Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 001Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 002Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 003Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 005Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 006
Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 007Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 008Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 009Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 011Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 012Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 014
Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 015Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 016Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 017Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 018Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 019Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 020
Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 021Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 023Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 024Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 025Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 026Hastilude at the Hollow 2012 - 027

Hastilude at the Hollow, a set on Flickr.

Somehow this didn't get publicized enough. Terafan had never seen these pics for example!

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Flowers for his lady

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The Novices at Ruby Joust II

They're all smiling for the camera. More after the break.

the line up

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