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Tournament Of Chivalry Photos

Ursus has updated his site with pictures from Tournament of Chivalry (not ToC, as Mistress Theo will tell you).

Anyway, they are located here.


Crushing my shield...

First up, Happy Birthday to Sirs Corby and Aradd (at least that's what LJ tells me).

Next up, I have a fighting question from last night's fighter practice. I was trying to fight in something like the Oldcastle style, so my sword foot was behind the line of my shield foot, my shoulder was back, my sword behind me, and my elbow up. My knees weren't as bent as they should have been, but hey, gotta have something to work on, right? Anyway, at the end of practice, I was fighting Sir Gunther, who is 300+ pounds of muscle and has a lot of arm strength. So, what he was able to do was, collapse my shield (which was well out in front of me) by throwing a powerful shot into the front edge of it. Once my shield was suppressed, he would usually pin it there with the leading edge of his shield, and then throw wraps at my exposed back, legs, and butt.

So folks, any ideas on how to keep large guys like Sir Gunther from doing this? Is this a flaw in the style or a flaw in my understanding of it?

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