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Happy Birthday Sir!

Corby at Sapphire

Caught in the (in)action again. :D
507sapphire 007
To be fair, it was bloody hot and tiring on Saturday, and I was actually kinda jealous of his amazing powers of nap.

Corby at Crown

507stuff 011

I took very few pictures at Crown, but this is definitely the best. Proof that Corby can nap at any event, given a half-way decently comfortable seat. We had to wake him when it was time to sit down for feast.

:) This is also a little bit of payback for the many unflattering pictures he's taken of friends in the past. Love ya! Mean it!

Congrats to Philip!

I just saw on the Merry Rose the court report for TOC.
Congrats to squire Philip on his Kraken!

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