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Summer in the Park this weekend!

I know there have been a TON of events recently but I would like to remind our members of the chivalry and esp. our unbelted fighters about the Summer in the Park event this weekend. 

This is a great chance to work on your fighting training and get to work with knights that you normally don't get to see. 

So call your buddies, grab your knight, and jump in the car for the day. It's only about 2 hours west of Richmond proper and is FREE EVENT with a suggested donation. 

Lots and lots and lots of fighting, training, focused work, discussion and teaching. 

Please consider coming out.  

Sir Bryce de Byram,OL,OP (Duane M. Moore) 

* Non Sola Fides *

RIP Angus McBride

Let's all raise a glass to Osprey's best illustrator...


Bad News. I just had a call from Osprey, who told me that Angus McBride has just passed away. Apparently the 76-year old artist suffered from a major heart attack. He had recently moved from South Africa to Ireland to be with his daughter, and was living and working from a cottage in the grounds.

I worked with him on a series of four pirate books for Osprey, and found him an extremely charming, witty and fun-loving gentleman. He was by far the best and most respected military artist of his generation, and we'll all feel his loss.

Angus Konstam

Old pictures..Rattail?!?!?

Here is a link to some old photos I scanned into the computer today.

Anyone want to guess who that is sporting the Rattail in this pic? ;-)

Help! Making a new shield!


Could you link up your Make a Shield page again, or send the information to poetamilitarus [at] yahoo [dot] com.

I am facing the daunting task of hanging the durn thing tonight (found the balance point, that was intersting...) but I need guidance to do the job.

Thanks so much, byram.

(I'm posting this here in case there are other folks out there that want the info too...)

12c fans, prepare to drool....

Don't be intimidated by the French, take your time and search this puppy....

There is the best picture of Richard's seal that Corby bases his crest off of that I have ever seen there, as well as Richard's seal as Duke of Aquitane that shows him in a fluted helm like mine...

Melisent will love the stuff on the Hospital...

How many can you spot?

Here are some pics via Ursus circa 1998. How many knights (knights today) can you spot in them?

Fighter Club

This is the link to the yahoogroup I was telling some of you about last night at C'ville practice:

Please join up if you are intersted.


Thought i'd share this nice pic of a D-Face

Adam Berry is a super nice guy and outstanding armourer. He is doing a 12/13c kit now and i'd thought i'd share the pic.

Every Unbelt should read this....

Duke Cuan wrote this on the Armour Archive. It is direct and no nonsense. I think there is a lot that folks can learn from it.....

Here's a thought that ties in with someone's comment about humility. Maybe the day you decide to become a knight or that you will be a knight is the day that you recognize how much you don't know, can't do, and need to improve. And maybe the best knights are the ones who are constantly ready to learn what they still don't know, still can't do, and still need to improve. Being a knight is not about being right all the time or having all the answers, it is about asking the right questions.

I run into people constantly who just don't know how much they don't know. They cheat themselves by comapring themselves with the handful of knights in the order that they think they can "beat" or show favorably against in some other aspect, and tell themselves and their intimates that if the world was fair, they would be knights because surely they are as deserving as Sir X! These folks will walk into wall after wall, never enjoying the process of becoming a man (or woman) worthy to be made a knight because they have misidentified both the prize and the path to achieve it. They will languish in mediocrity. Some will become bitter and fall away from the Society. Some will stay and dominate their local practice, striving to remain the big fish in the little pond while the poison of envy and regret sours their experience of the Current Middle Ages. They will have excuses for why they never made the grade; politics, evil kings, jealous knights -and their familiars will nod in mock understanding when these excuses are made.

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