Knees of the Straight Variety

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I'm shocked that I just noticed now, and I hope that no one using The Armored Rose as an instruction manual notices either.
Thoughout all the pictures of all the stances, neither of the models ever bends their knees enough. Nor can I find any mention of bent knees in the text. Bending your knees is really important. In fact, I think it's the second most important thing for not getting hit. The first? You guessed it: keeping your sword foot back.
But really, even people who say that you shouldn't keep your sword foot back still emphasize the need to bend the knees.

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Channelling the Blue Duke

Elbow up, sword foot back, bend your knees more. No, deeper.

Iron Rose Hater From Way Back

The Iron Rose is a joke and it bugs me that it is still being presented as "The Method" (tm) for ladies everywhere. There is a website out there now for ladies that offers a rebuttal to IR; and there is of course, this site. Still, when women look for fighting information specifically for ladies on the internet, the first thing they generally find is the Iron Rose.

PS: I tried really hard to remember to bend my knees (no, deeper) last night at practice...worked much better than just standing straight up and letting people hit me. :)