Trade Offs

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Here are a few of the trade offs in sword leg forward

It extends the sword range, at the cost of defense and power.

It removes the shield side leg as an easy target, at the cost of opening up most of the sword side.

It makes rising leg wraps almost impossible. (Such blows are pretty rare in the west, where Elina is, from what I've seen.)

Though few Armored Rose fighters will have experienced it, fighting sword foot forward makes them prey to any opponent with an open, forward shield and a willingness to go to very close range. By executing a moderately aggressive sword side pass, an opponent can end up with their shield right against the fighter's sword shoulder and or their basket hilt, effectively shutting down their entire offense.

And worse, most women don't have the strength or size to muscle their way out of such a shut down.

Further, the plus side of the trade offs listed above are not difficult to achieve. You can do almost all of them without suffering the negatives:

Range: Just stand closer to your opponent. It feels scary, but it scares them too.

Blocking the shield side leg: keep your shield against your forward leg. Less muscle work that way too.

With your sword leg back, rising leg wraps come easy.

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