The short list of my problems with "Sword Foot Forward"

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First off, you can read this link to get an extremely detailed understanding of my technical prejudices.Yes, it's very long. It should be.

The proof is in the pudding as they say, and I've personally never seen any pudding. Everyone I've ever seen win with sword leg forward has been big or strong or fast or thick, or some combination of these.
The point I'm trying to get to is that in my opinion, successful sword leg forward style requires big or strong or fast or thick, and among any population of heavy fighters, women are least likely to be any of the first three, and no one should aspire to the fourth.

If women's bodies aren't able to move the same way as men's when throwing a blow, then why do female batters, boxers and martial artists move the same way as their male counterparts?

I've never met a healthy woman who can't twist her hips roughly 90 degrees from a rest position to point onto the same line as her back foot. Anyone who can do that can generate enough force to throw a killing blow. However, standing with the sword foot forward pulls the hip around, effectively removing most of the large muscles of the body from the blow. In fact, sword foot forward stance begins at the place where the blow with greatest amount of power generation ends.

The most power anyone can generate in a blow starts with your sword foot back. By taking a big step forward with your sword foot, your hips and shoulders swing around toward the opponent and as your foot lands, your blow completes. But if your sword foot is already forward, there's nowhere for the power to come from.

Further, standing with the sword foot forward requires a much more active shield defense. By bringing the sword foot around, less of her body is protected by the shield so the the fighter cannot manage small blocks to cover those portions that are now targets. An active defense is more work. An active defense is harder than a mostly passive one.

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Explaining Hip Rotation Better

Rereading this section, I realize something isn't clear.
...twist her hips roughly 90 degrees from a rest position to point onto the same line as her back foot may be hard to understand.

So let's try this.

Stand normally, with your feet about shoulder width apart, feet straight, not duck or pigeon toed.

Twist your hips so your sword hip points in the same direction as your toes.

If the line of your hips is approximately pointing the same as the line of your toes, you can rotate your hips far enough to throw a good blow.

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