All the Oracle Clue Drafts in One Place

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These are now pretty darn close to final. I've printed them out to use as clues, but if anyone sees a problem here, I can print them again.

Fates should be familiar with these, since questers may ask what they mean. However, there will be a number-keyed cheat sheet for the fates.
1. Youth guards hope for the future which Vulcan sorely needs.
'Ware the ills of youth, which charmless may afflict.
Like swarms of wasps our future comes at us making us all feel old and sick.

2. Around a ring of fire a fine noise makes a clangorous voice, calling "Messenger! Messenger!" Too swift to catch but knowing much.

3. In Southern Wilds, no smooth road to follow, afoot, shunning horses, higher still a climb reaches golden treasure from legend, golden like the silence required for approach and climb. Getting ahead of the guardian does no good though Vulcan loves gold.

4. Great filth cleaned away in Herculean wise, then you are swifter than a riderless horse.

5. No land contains them but roses are all about
Azure beauties know nothing of land
Yet their blessings wash filthy dirt away.
Naiadic wisdom for riverine risks in Erebus.

6. Like Dadelus' artifice ferocity confined
Near water held back by natural art, not man's.
Damn those who seek a tower instead, let gorgons eat them.
Trace Dadelus' artifice as a Flamen reads a liver
Tease the way delicately, Trivia's charm to aid
Ariadne as a guide.
Ball and axe fall together.
Beyond a greater peril, best bring your skewer if you want some goat.

7. Coin for a charm, answer for answer, answer for a coin
Gold crowned heads rest safely, the tale of Trivia around the back.

8. Wine lifts sorrows for a while but weighs down stomachs
your head pounds like the sound of drums late in the night.

9. Love of money and nothing else did ruin Sparta,
but gold can earn passage, favor, and some gods' aid.
Praise Fortuna's beauty and hope her skirts carry you to the gold and the gods.
She stands where loutish bashers say the girlish plebians fight.

Here are the explanations, and I'm attaching a PDF cheat sheet anyone can print out, though mostly for the Fates. Oracle doesn't have to explain herself!

1. Pandora’s Box on the Youth Combat field

Hope is what they can earn.
Ills are what the youths can afflict on the questers. Trivia can give them charms against those ills.

2. Temple of Mercury at the Fire Circle

They must entertain the Priest of Mercury so he will summon the god, who can answer questions.

3. The Golden Fleece and Hydra

South side of the camp, past the stables which they should avoid, up a rocky road.

Hitting Hydra in the head is bad, and Vulcan can use the fleece to make gifts for Venus.

4. The Fauns at the Stables

They’re rude and insulting but can’t be killed so they’ll have to be clever to get rid of them. Inside is a map of all the stations.

5. Triton on the dock.

They’re on the lake, not land. All dressed in blue. They know things about the powers of the  Five Rivers of the Underworld.

6. Minotaur and the Labyrinth.

Dadelus built the Labyrinth. It is near the beaver pond, which holds back water.

“Damn” is another clue, then a warning to stay away from the water tower near the gorgons.

Tracing is solving the labyrinth and a clue about the minotaur’s liver.

Trivia has charms for working the labyrinth

The “greater peril” is Cyclops and the skewer is a warning to bring a weapon with a thrusting tip.

7. Trivia at the Royal Cabin

Coins, charms and answers--Trivia can trade them all. “Gold crowned heads rest safely” means the royal cabin, behind which is Trivia.

8. Bacchus at the Bacchanal. His wine can help gain Vulcan’s help, among other possible uses.

9 Fortuna on the rapier field. Treat her pleasantly even if she looks ridiculous and earn some coins.

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