Advance Info on Quest Teams

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Here's what I got from Val last night regarding teams, plus info others have sent me:

Lord Matthew of Battle will lead a team consisting of:

  • Lord Mark O’Crowley
  • Duke Janos of Cyddlain Downs (Peer)
  • THL Marie Hélène of the New Forest (noncombatant)
  • Herr Wilhelm der Schwartze Leopard


Baron Ansel leads a team including

  • Sir Colin
  • Lady Clare de Baskerville
  • Werner of the Bloodguard?
  • Colin's squire Raven, tentatively

Armand may be forming a team with his father, Sir TJ. Armand is 18 or so and can run!

William Thomas has 3/5ths of a team that also consists of

  • Lord Andrew Blout
  • Martin Thomas

My squire Philip's 14 year old daughter Sam is trying to form a team that includes Kaylin "and his dad,"--that is, Duke Michael of Bedford.

We can expect at least one team of Midrealmers.