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Saturday I turn 45.

Bells are chiming for victory

There's a page back in history - 45

They came back to the world that they fought for

Didn't turn out just like they thought - 45

Here is a song to sing to do the measuring

What did you lose, what did you gain, what did you win?

Okay, okay, so when Elvis Costello refers to "45" he's obviously singing about records and the year 1945, but then again I think he wrote it five years ago and he just turned 50.

Here's what I realize on my 45: I don't have much time left to get some things done.

Every scratch, every click, every heartbeat

Every breath that I held for you - 45

This year was the first year at the war that I felt like my body didn't keep up with my will. While my left elbow improved beyond what I'd hoped, my left knee got progressively worse as the days went on, and it still isn't back even a week later. I just don't heal as fast as I used to.

I heard something peculiar said

"Perhaps he's got a shot" and "Now he's dead" - 45

So don't you weep and shed(?)

Just change my name instead

But what do you lose when it all goes to your head?

So, I know Bjorn won his first crown at 50, and in the East too, where there are much larger crowns. There's some inspiration.

And there are lots of other inspirations too--mostly all of you who are reading this.

Bells are chiming and tears are falling

It creeps up on you without a warning - 45

Every scratch, every click, every heartbeat

Every breath that I've blessed

I'll be lost I confess - 45 45 45

The household has really come together, and there are many other people around who aren't quite household whose support I feel every day. Each of you inspires me to continue--not that I've stopped enjoying fighting, but it is ever so easy to skip a practice here and there, to leave off the pell, to drink a glass of wine by the pond rather than lift weights or swim laps.
But my squires humble me with their dedication, far greater than mine ever was, and they need training. There are youngsters in the list who need schooling, and an arm of mine that isn't done yet.
I watched some old fight video starring me today, and I can see a half dozen things I don't do correctly. Working on them may save me some wear and tear.

So! Now's the time, because when else if not now? More practices, more teaching, more aerobic training, more vitamin I. Heck, my dad got married and started a family at 50. I'm not signing up for anything that ambitious. Here's to the next 45.

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"Nine years more if we're lucky now"

Seems like even Mr. Costello has a message for me tonight--after finding the lyrics online, I listened to the song and there are lyrics he sings that aren't credited online. These come right before the last quote in the main body of the text, above:

So don't you weep or shake(?)
Just change your mental state(?)
What do you lose when it all goes to your head?


Sunday I turn 37.

Comic books-check
Game miniatures-check
Reenacting 12th,14th,16th,17th,18th,19th and 20th centuries-check
Swords, armour, guns-check
Wife who lets me get away with MOST stuff-check

Turning 37 isn't bad but I will have to wait 3 more years to fight in the senior rapier division at Pennsic. Happy birthday Mike and remember you still buy comicbooks also. So how old can you really be?


Imman won at least one crown

Imman won at least one crown after 50. I remember him and Anton joking about it...

Happy Birthday Old Man. You continue to inspire me!

Sir Bryce de Byram, OL

Getting older

Well I turned 38 on Monday. I set some goals for myself. Right now it is be fighting at good level at 50. Well better than I am now at least. But with age comes wisdom, and wisdom says I better get off my lazy butt and work out because my body doesn't response like it did when I was 28. (I won't mention the fact that I am pretty much committing to playing for another 12 years).

Ironically I was having the discussion of fighting after 40 with several friends (all of us in our late 30s/early 40s) at war.
We came up with a list of crown winners, knights who started fighting in their late 30s, etc... Guess to give us all hope. But it made me realize how many people are still active after turning 35, even with all the aches, pains, etc... and still very successful.

Happy birthday Corby. Enjoy the day and hopefully you'll be healed up enough to be swinging sticks on Tuesday. BTW: I would not have guessed you were 45, which is a good thing.